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Mastering Mathematics and Computer Science

I am trying to put down a list which will enable one master mathematics (self study).  Initially this is a random list of links, but will be organized subsequently based on skill level. Mastering Mathematics 1.  Algebra, Algebra 2, AP Statistics, Calculus, Calculus 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonomery UMKC: Richard Delaware College Algebra: Calculus 1 - 2. NPTEL Core Mathematics 1 (sem 1 and sem 2) Mathematics in India (from Vedic Period to Modern times) Probability and Statistics Mathematical Logic Mastering Computer Science MIT: Mathematics for Computer Science https:/

C# Abstract Class Vs. Interface - Building a simple rule engine

In this video post we will briefly go over the difference between abstract class and an interface.  This is one of the most confusing concepts for beginners to understand. In the following video we will walkthrough step by step through these concepts and build a simple RuleEngine as a demo. Please do note that this rule engine is not fully functional and production ready, but is demonstrated to make the concepts clear. Please leave your constructive comments and also suggestions about future videos, if you like to have on any specific topics.