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Random thoughts [Life's teachings]...

Enjoy the moment you are living. Cherish every minute of it. Live in the present. Dreams are good but excess of anything is not. Be awake. Stay alive. Live as if today is the last day of your life, and die as if you have lived for forever.

Listen to your heart. Hear the music. Not that everything you don't understand is not sweet. Excess kills (even if it's sweet). Add salt to your life [but avoid excess].

Trust no one, but have trust in everyone. Remember you are living in someone else's dream.

You are what you think you are. Don't give the remote control of your life to someone else. They might just screw up. Words are dangerous. Use them judiciously. Speak as if you have only few words left.

Just some thought flowing through my mind....
No boundaries... just flowing....after all it is my blog :)


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JavaScript Function Spaghetti Code

In this post we will have a look at the spaghetti code created by functions and how to avoid them. First lets quickly go through why this is a cause of concern.

Problems with Function Spaghetti Code

Variables/ functions are added to the global scope
The code is not modular
There's potential for duplicate function names
Difficult to maintain
No namespace sense.
Let's take for example the following set of functions and check whats the issue with them.
// file1.js
function saveState(obj) {     // write code here to saveState of some object     alert('file1 saveState'); }
// file2.js (remote team or some third party scripts) function saveState(obj, obj2) {      // further code...     alert('file2 saveState"); }
Now the problem here is if your application is using saveState() then the execution of saveState() which one to call is determined by the script loading.  The later script overrides same functions already defined by earlier script.
For e.g.

If this script is refer…

JavaScript - The this keyword

"this" is one of the most misunderstood construct in JavaScript.  To understand this first lets go through how to create a construction function in JavaScript.  A constructor function is a function which is used to create instances of objects in JavaScript.

You define a constructor function using the same notation that you use to define a normal JavaScript function.  The convention to follow is to capitalize the first letter of the function name.

This requirement is not enforced by the JavaScript language but it is a generally accepted practice and there are many benefits which we will shortly discuss.

Let's define a constructor function to hold our menu information.

function Menu() { }
So, in the above snippet you have a constructor function named Menu defined. At present this function doesn't do anything good.

Let's see how to invoke this function

var menu = new Menu();
Let's add some public properties to this function.
function Menu() { this.menuName = &q…