Sunday, September 13, 2009

Core Leadership Strengths

Here are few notes that I am putting out from my leadership training seminar.
Lets have a look at the "Five Clusters of Strength".

- Personal Character
Character is who you are when no one is looking. This is the core strength which every leader/human should possess. This deals with the ethical standards, integrity and authenticity of the leader.

- Personal Capability
This trait deals with the intellectual, emotional, and skill of the individual. It includes analytical and problem-solving capabilities along with the technical competencies. Great leaders need a strong collection of these personal capabilities.

- Focus on result
This deals with capability to achieve results, having an impact on the organization. It also highlights the capability for getting things done.

- Interpersonal/People skill
This relates with character. It deals with the leaders ability to effectively communicate with the people. Its a direct expression of the character of the individual and is often the window by which people understand the personal character of the leader.

- Leading changes
This deals with the ability to produce change withing the organization. This is one of the highest expression of leadership. Changes are inevitable. The better is the leader who can handle the change gracefully.

That's it for now.


Advait said...

Hey Rajesh,
I went thru the same training past 4 nights :)...The bigger question..are these clusters "it"?
If a person has these 5 does mean he/she id a good "Leader"?

Rajesh Pillai said...

Definitely not...
First things its very difficult for an individual to have all the five strengths...and having them may put him/her in a good position to be a good leader.

But my thought is it takes only two or three strengths to make a good leader...and again this is relative and situational.

Its a psychological game as well...