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JavaScript for Web and Library Developers

This is my first blog post on my home domain and in this series of posts I will explore various facets of JavaScript language that will help us become better programmers.  The idea is tear apart the language and understand how to use the features and build libraries like jquery, knockoutjs, backbonejs.

The idea is not to replicate this libraries, but understand the inner workings using better JavaScript coding practices, design principles and thereby make the web a better place to visit..

We will be covering the following topics, though not in order and there may be addition to this list.

  • Foundations

  • Patterns

  • Closure

  • this keyword

  • Hoisting

  • Anonymous function

  • Currying

  • Server side JavaScript

  • Canvas

  • etc.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me!


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"this" is one of the most misunderstood construct in JavaScript.  To understand this first lets go through how to create a construction function in JavaScript.  A constructor function is a function which is used to create instances of objects in JavaScript.

You define a constructor function using the same notation that you use to define a normal JavaScript function.  The convention to follow is to capitalize the first letter of the function name.

This requirement is not enforced by the JavaScript language but it is a generally accepted practice and there are many benefits which we will shortly discuss.

Let's define a constructor function to hold our menu information.

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