Friday, June 10, 2005

Some Interview Questions!!!

(1) Explain Indexing [In detail].
(2) What is the difference between regular dll and COM dll.
(3) Cursor, Triggers, Stored Procedures [also exception handling].
(4) For XML, OPENXML ins SQL Server.
(5) Web Services (consuming from Javascript, security[WSE], SOAP authentication].
(6) Web Server Control and HTML Controls
(7) DataGrid, DataList and Repeater server controls.
(9) Application architecture [NTier]
(10)Types of authentication in
(11)Response.Redirect v/s Server.Transfer
(12)State Management in [emphasis on ViewState]
(13)Caching (types of cachng - Page caching/output caching, fragment caching, data catching)
(14) page life cycle and application life cycle.
(15)Remoting (ClientActivated/ServerActivated), channels.
(16)Javascript (Confirm, alert, accessing objects on page, GetElementByID)

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