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The Magic of PART TIME

I have been lately listening to "Jim Rohn". Some of his thoughts are really thought provoking.

Have a quick preview...

I personally liked this because I was always on the lookout for finding the "golden" 25th hour of the day. You can read my thoughts here Personal Development : Time Planning, Repairs & Maintenance.

Once you find that extra time each day apply that to some constructive activity. You can even use this time to earn some money as well. Who knows when your hobby becomes your passion and may overtake your job and change your life, hmm, rather your lifestyle :).

Always remember "Profits are better than wages!!!" and you cannot earn profit merely by working. You have to have an enterprise however small it may be. Use your part-time to build up your own little enterprise. Remember there is nothing to lose.

Everything's related in nature. Who knows, this may help you do your job better as well and earn you a better place that currently you are in.

More to come....


DJ said…
Hi Rajesh. Good to see whom you are following. It is amazing how education has conditioned us to think so limited and play safe. This keeps us from living the life to fullest and just continue with a mediocre one.

Network Marketing is clearly the best tool to free oneself from the conventional arrangements of how we run life.

Shivaram Kumar happens to be one of the best leaders, the one I follow and he is the one who is my mentor as well. You can find some of his thoughts here:
Power Of Spoken Words:
What Is Motivation:
Power Of Teamwork:
Goal Of Investment:
Power Of Association:
Power Of Mentorship:

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